Remember the Cookie Monster?

Last week I had suggested to our family that we head over Lake Meridian to have a picnic and enjoy a sunny Sunday evening.  We loaded up, got in the car and as we got in I noticed that Halle didn’t even put one of her new books down while she got in… she just kept reading as she climbed into her booster, as she buckled up and as we drove off.  Halle is quite the reader.  SIDE NOTE: On our vacation last week we went to the Library right before we left and picked up at least four books for her and not once, but twice during the week we had to go to used book stores to pick up four to six more books (each time) for her.

Back to Sunday.

We arrived at the park and as we got out of the car she continued to read as she unbuckled, climbed out of the car and as we walked across the parking lot.  The conversation that ensued:

Me: Halle, you can put your book down for a second or two, at least while getting in and out of cars…

Halle: Daddy, I just love reading, you might call me The Bookie Monster.

Wow.  Speechless. Though laughing VERY MUCH out loud.

PBS has The Cookie Monster

PBS has The Cookie Monster

The Aabys have The Bookie Monster

The Aabys have The Bookie Monster

We love the great quotes we get from kids!



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