THE CHALLENGE: From Brian with love…

Will she take the challenge?

Will she take the challenge?

That’s right, I’m challenging my wife… since she has not blogged in quite some time, I am challenging her to take the next few posts of hers and do what I just did… she can even steal some of my subjects for her “Top 5” if she’d like.

I just know that most of her blogs have me laughing, and I would like some more laughter.  So, there ya go Babe, consider yourself dared!

I love you.

Okay, now for the rest of you, click here to see if she does it!



2 thoughts on “THE CHALLENGE: From Brian with love…

  1. well, i ventured on over to see what this gauntlet business was all about… because i do very much love your lovely wife’s blog and she makes me laugh too.

    and your top 5’s were great. (i mean, minus the whole shawshank redemption thing. and mash. but hopefully we can still be friends.)

    and i agree that 24 is awesome. i mean, we all like to think there is a real life jack bauer (and jason bourne for that matter) out there who can defy death and torture, all for justice and national security and protecting the innocent and what not.

    and i must say i agree with jared who posted about friday night lights. it is my favorite show on tv. and not just because if i attended that high school i would secretly have a crush on tim riggins and would befriend him and invite him to youth group every week in the hopes that he would have some spiritual awakening and become the spiritual leader God created him to be. you know, if there were no anthony in my life. 🙂

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