The Top 5 Picks for the Flix

I have been doing a series this week I am calling, “Top Five.”  I have picked some random topics and created a list of my top 5 for each of these categories, go back and  read through them if you’re just getting started, there has even been some fun comments and opinions thrown out into the blogosphere.

Today we make the move to the big screen.  Of course, you need to understand most of the movies I have seen date back to before 2002, the year we had our first child.  Perhaps one day I’ll do an AC (after children) list (which would be sure to include several Disney/Pixar type films we have seen on DVD), but for today, most of this list will be BC (before Children in this case).

Once again, it would be nice to take the easy route and narrow the category to “Top 5 Comedies” or “Top 5 Chick Flix” (yes, I joke, we all know that there is no such thing as a good chick flick… ha).  However, I decided to challenge myself and just look at this the same way as I have other lists, top 5, period.

Without further ad0, I give you the list:

Honorable Mentions: Weekend at Bernies (one and two), The Left Behind Series and… Okay, I’m just kidding folks, just wanted to keep you on your toes.  I have never seen any of the Left Behind movies, and from what I hear, I should be quite thankful.

imagesFive: The Bourne Series.  I felt like I needed to have an action-adventure type film in my top five and the Jason Bourne (Robert Ludlum) series fits the bill as the type of films I really like in this genre.  Though not realistic, they don’t add sci-fi elements as so many of the new action-adventures do (haven’t seen a single comic-book series based films, literally, the only one is the original Superman).  I thought about a few of the Grisham books as a possible fifth place, but so many of them stray from the story line, and though Bourne does too, it seems to stick to the plot the best.

images-1Four: Fletch. There is probably not a film I could quote more lines from than Fletch.  It is a very silly film, but one that I watched over and over so many times in my late high school years that I can replay in my head even as I type.  Really, this is NOT a great film and as I have grown in my own maturity it should be embarrassing for me to put this in my top five (because, though not dirty, it has a few innuendos that should make me blush), but I’ll be honest, this movie just makes me laugh… a lot.

images-2Three: The Passion. This is a hard one to put in my top five and a hard one to leave out.  I have only seen the film twice, once in an advanced screening before the film was even done with final edits (at a National Network of Youth Ministries conference) and then with my Youth Group.  I wish I would have just seen it the one time.  The story is one that never gets old and is one I believe we need to keep on telling, but to see a depiction of Christ Crucified for my sin is something that I believe was meant for me to see one time–once for all.

images-3Two: Hoosiers.  This is one of a few films that has made me cry–not because it was sad, but tears of joy as the boys run the picket fence and Jimmy hits the shot!  Go Hickory!  For Gene Hackman this was his best film–he probably should have called it quits right then so he didn’t have to become the voice of Lowes commercials for the rest of his life.  Anytime this movie is on TNT or some other cable station I have a hard time turning it off!  Great story, free from smut and just a great feel good flick!

images-4One: Shawshank Redemption. My wife hates that this is on my list, let alone my top pick.  If she were to create a list of her most hated films, this may make the top 5.  Shawshank Redemption simply put, has a great (though morbid) story line, fantastic acting and for whatever reason it feels very real.  I know one reason my wife does not like this has to do with the portrayal of the “Christian” warden (who in the end does not behave very Christ-like).  I understand that the worlds view of many Christians is that they are “legalistic” hypocrites.  Unfortunately there are many out there who are exactly that.  So, my own hope (not so much as a reaction to this film, but more about life in general) is that I (and we) can present grace in such a way that does not invite people to a list of rules but a vibrant relationship with Jesus where we desire to live the life He has set as an example and share with our mouths about the kingdom to come!

Wow, after completing this list, I can honestly say this is the list I am the least passionate about.  I am realizing I am just not that big of a movie guy.  It was fun to think through some of them, but when all is said and done, a movie is rarely worth the big cost in terms of finances (really, $12 to see a film?), and I think even more rarely worth the time investment.

Some may get opinionated, please do, if you feel there is a better flick, let me know.  If you’d like to present your favorites or argue my top pick, let me hear it.  You’re probably wrong, but let me hear it.  Actually, you may be right and you may remind me of a film I had forgotten.



4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Picks for the Flix

  1. Love the bourne flicks, never seen fletch, agree with the difficulty of watching the passion. I saw it, then bought it, but I have never watched it @ home. Hoosiers, a classic for all time, and my wife feels the same as yours about shawshank.

  2. brian The Mission great movie fletch is that the dog drool movie? hoosiers a good one shawshank left over from mars hill 🙂 and yet i like it

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