Top Fives

Had a little idea brewing for the last few weeks and decided this was the week that I would make it happen.  Since I’m in the midst of some writing and gearing up for our last weeks of the 2009 YMV’s this week seemed to be a great time to do something fun that wouldn’t require too much thinking, but could produce some fun responses from you all.

By-the-way, please do feel free to respond to my top 5’s with some of your own thoughts, do you agree with my list, adamantly opposed?  Have some fun with it.

Here’s what I plan to do (it’s a mix of Aaby Family, Brian personal and Youthmark/Ministry stuff):

Monday: Top 5 TV shows

Tuesday: Top 5 Rural Mission Towns I have Been To

Wednesday: Top 5 Restaurants I’ve Been To

Thursday: Top 5 Movies

Friday: Top 5 Ministry Related Websites

Saturday: Top 5 Places I’ve been to with Elisabeth (or family)

This list is subject to change for sure, because I may want to replace one or two as I look at the list already, but for now we’ll plan on these ones…

Got any top 5-suggestions?



2 thoughts on “Top Fives

  1. I would have to agree… to disagree! There is no way you can lump the nostalgic “Cheers”, perfectly delivered lines, some of the greatest actors of all time, in with the randomness of “The Office”. Cheers covered many different generations, including yours Mr. Aaby and your momma’s, and has given life-like reality to many. People cried when Cheers went off the AIR.

    As for 24… couldn’t agree with you more. That one definitely belongs in the “Top 5” (A possible substitute could be LOST)

    M*A*S*H is, again a nostalgic great that belongs on any great Top TV list.

    Seinfeld I think would be like in a Top 10 list. Great for one-liners and silly situations and that Elaine Fully-body Dry Heave as a dance. Priceless.

    Now with all that said… please allow me to give a Top 5 as I see it.

    #5 – Cheers… wanting to back up my statements from earlier.

    #4 – LOST… the show people loved to hate. If you didn’t see it from the start, you felt lost (no pun intended) but something just kept you wanting to watch.

    #3- M*A*S*H … again backing up my previous statements. M*A*S*H still has a place in American TV today.

    #2 – FRIENDS … Ross and Rachel. On again, off again. The cameos and the one-liners. The flash forwards and backwards. We have all seen ourselves in one of the characters of FRIENDS and have wanted to be them or just be with them. You can’t deny the 10+ season run. I mean they even have games and triva based on this show.

    #1 – The Cosby Show … This show was so far ahead of it’s time. It not only showed us what a normal family could be, open and dysfunctional with resolve, they were black. Leaps and bounds ahead of its time. Growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood myself, this is all I heard about growing up. Not only did it break all stereo-types, it gave hope to a generation of young people that to this day, will not forget the lessons they learned from Mr Bill Cosby and the family themselves.

    I hope this answers your Top 5. Hit it back.

    Later, Wes

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