My Day in Tweets

Twitter (yes I am on there, though I don’t do it all that much) is a social networking website in which you are limited to 140 characters to update your status through your tweets.  So, though I didn’t tweet these, here is what my day would look like in tweets (though I’m not quite narcissistic enough to update everyone everyminute everyday.

Woke up, breakfast and some time with the family.

Off to meet with John Dakin, he texts saying he’s sick, change plans and go to Forza.

Work from Forza, good witnessing opportunity at Forza and then off to Costco.

Costco, skip the free samples, buy a backpack and some storage bins.

Lunch with Schlaud, yummmm, I love La Costa.  Good discussions, nice to catch up.

Home for some bike practice with Halle and off to do an oil change and hopefully a round of frisbee golf.

Posting this.

Signing off.

As usual signing “Grace, Brian”



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