Okay, for all of you who like to pray, I have an immediate prayer request that I hope gets an immediate answer… because in two and a half weeks (thus the “2.5” title to this post) we have a team from Living Hope Christian Fellowship of Renton departing for a mission trip.  The only problem, the town they were going to go and serve needed to back out.  So, we are scrambling to find the right place for LHCF to serve.  Please pray that the right door opens immediately!  It has been frustrating because we have made several phone calls to pastors and not heard anything back.  I have a few leads, but with only 2.5 weeks you can understand that it is tough to just make things happen.

Trusting God!  And His timing.

Will you pray?  I trust you will!

I’d love to see something happen in the next .5!  Ha!

If you have leads/suggestions/connections in MT or ID in towns of 2k or less, let me know (brian@youthmark.com).



One thought on “2.5

  1. My cousinSteve lives in Sedro Woolley, not all that small community, but he is good at
    missional, he does trips to Seattle to feed the homeless, etc.

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