Pray for Byron

**** Updated Thursday night, 10:30 PM at bottom****

You may remember me posting about my friend Byron.  If not, click here really quick and then come back and finish this post for the new requests!

The long and the short of it… the chemo treatment was a great success!  He didn’t need to go a full four-rounds of treatment, they cut him off after three intense rounds, and in fact, after two rounds they checked his cancer markers in his blood and it was already indicating zero. So praise the Lord the chemo (though it was very intense) worked!

As I type, Byron is undergoing an estimated 6-hour surgery.  Because of the location of the cancer (abdomen) the scar tissue that has formed is so close to all the vital organs that they need to go in and remove it.  Though the cancer is gone, a re-occurrence would be too probable if the docs don’t go in and get it!

Byron and Shannon have been doing very well.  He was very thankful to go back to work for about a month between the end of the chemo and this surgery.  After today he will have the next 6-7 weeks off for recovery.

Please pray for this surgery, it is a dangerous one to do and carries risk for things in the future; but it was needed and they (and we) are trusting the Lord for a full recovery!

I appreciate your prayers for my friends Byron and Shannon, their families and right now for the doctors!


UPDATE:  Michele, Byron’s mom texted and let me know their have been some new discoveries during the surgery which have made it more complicated.  PLEASE PRAY for wisdom and the guidance of the surgeons hands.  Pray for Shannon and the family, this is very difficult for all of them!

UPDATE (10:30 PM Thursday): Byron is recovering in ICU, we just spent an hour and a half with his parents.  Pray for a full and speedy recovery.  Praising the Lord for the wisdom and guidance they gave the docs in the midst of complications (tumor had wrapped an weaved its way around some major internal stuff).

Thanks for your prayers!  Keep them coming.


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