To My Prayer List

First, if you would like to be on our prayer list (via email) shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list (I send stuff out about every 6 weeks or so).

Just because I am so jazzed about this prayer opportunity I am copying and pasting the entire letter I just sent here:

Youthmark Prayer Partners!

It is with great anticipation I write this email.  In about five hours we’ll begin our “Launch” of our first Youthmark Mission Venture team.

As I type from Starbucks in Ritzville, WA (about an hour from Spokane) I have been praying for the people of Simms, MT and surrounding towns  (the recipient area of this trip).  I have prayed for the students and leaders from First Baptist Church of Chehalis (the first group heading out).  Now, I would like to challenge all of you to become “prayer partners extraordinaire!”

How exciting would it be for every group this summer to have scores of people they don’t even know praying for them, commenting them (on the blog) and waiting with them to see the Lord answer their specific requests?  I challenge each of us to do just that.

It is simple too!

Go to this site:

This first week you’ll want to scroll down to First Baptist Church of Chehalis and click on their blog.  At the bottom of each post you can see there is a place to add/view comments.  Feel free to do just that!

Having been on many of these I have NEVER seen the Lord answer specific prayers in quite the same way.  I’m going to try to get the dates listed for each of the churches on the website as well so you know which ones are out on that given week as well.  But for this week, it’s First Baptist Chehalis.

I encourage you to read through all the blogs, but specifically check out the blogs of each of the following as they’ll head out next week:

Avondale Bible

Calvary Chapel South

RiverRidge Cov’t

Lake Sawyer Christian

Snohomish Free Methodist

NW Bible

Last, you’ll see on the blog that we have released the HomeBase Guided Study to others outside of the Mission, don’t hesitate to pick one up for yourself!  You can study the same things the Mission teams are studying and like the parents of these missionaries, you can live out your mission at home! (And you can pick up MERGE at the same time, a 112 page Guided Study of James I just completed).

Now, head to the blogs and start praying specifically for FBC (and all the other teams)!




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