Dreaming With Halle

Stay away "Bob"

Stay away "Bob"

We have developed quite a few different games and activities for bed time.  One of these little games we like to play involves me acting like I am asleep and Halle waking me and telling me about her life.  Each time she “puts me to sleep” and “wakes me up” it is about 5 years in the future.  So Sunday night the dialogue went a little like this:

Age 22:  “Daddy, I’m 22, you’ve been sleeping for 15 years.  I am in love with Bob and we’re going to get married.”

Me: “No way, Bob hasn’t spoken to me yet, he was supposed to talk to me before he even asked you out on a date, let alone get married… what does Bob do for a job?  Where are you going to live?”

Halle: “Bob’s parents are Rich, we’ll live with them (then she taps my nose, which “puts me to sleep”).”

Age 30: “Daddy, it’s 8 years later, Bob and I are married, I’m pregnant too, with a girl, we’ll name her either Grace or Julia”

Me: “Wow, I missed your wedding!  Where are you living? What does Bob do?”

Halle: “Bob’s parents are rich, we live with them.”

Me: “How did Bob’s parents get so rich?”

Halle (THIS IS WHERE I LOVE THE MIND OF A 7 YEAR OLD): “Bob tells me that his Dad has a lot of jobs, he preaches at his church on Sunday, then on Monday he helps out at Target, on Tuesday he has his own cherry stand and sells cherries, Wednesday is his day off, Thursday he preaches at night to a small group at the church, Friday he plays the guitar at the school and Saturday is his other day off.”

The story went on (until she was 35), but I was amazed that Bob’s Dad could get rich doing what he did.  I think I must have been working at the wrong churches and certainly shouldn’t have done Youthmark, cherries would have been the better option!

Last, the very idea of Bob makes me weary.



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