You Want To Participate?

One of the strengths of the Youthmark Mission Venture is that it is so much more than a mission trip.  Besides the training materials (mission prep workbook, leaders guide, retreat, etc.) the participants and their families get blessed with additional publications.  


Now you can too! (more on this in a second)


As I have posted before and now you can see for your own eyes, the books are done and about to be used.




RoadGrip is the Guided Study for the YMV participants while on their Mission Trip! The students and staff and any “adopted” student in the community will be guided in His Word during their mission week.


HomeBase-CoverHomeBase is the Guided Study for the Families of the YMV participants.  While the students/staff are out on the field, we’re asking the families to study the same Scriptures but are specifically challenged to live it out at home!  This book is now also available to you!


Merge-CoverMerge, which was originally entitled, 14 Ways for 14 Days has emerged as a brand-new way to come home.  For years, I believe, Youth Pastors have missed the mark at bringing the teams home well.  Merge contains 18 study sessions through the book of James!  Rather than relying on the “Mission Trip High,” we’d like to see everyone continue their striving hard after the Lord after the trip is done–this includes the participants, families and now you!  This book, especially geared for the adolescent believer, will challenge the reader to live out His instructions to us very practical ways!


Each YMV participant will receive his or her own free copy (all three publications), however, Youthmark is making the latter two books available to you, our prayer support team.  In addition, Youth Pastors are encouraged to purchase Merge for the remainder of their Youth Group so the two groups (mission team and the students back home) can “merge” together to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission together at home!

If you (the “at home reader”) would like to purchase your own copy of Merge and/or HomeBase our Publisher (Spire) has given us permission to sell these to you at a very low $5 cost per book (plus shipping if you can’t arrange for a pick up from me). The book has a list price of $9.99, you’d you’re getting it at 1/2 price! 


Email us at and let us know what you’d like and your address, then we’ll send it to you with a simple invoice at $5 (plus minor shipping cost) for each book you order. UPDATE: This half price offer is only available to Youth Pastors and the Blog Readers through the beginning the of actual mission trips (June 19, 2009), after the YMV’s begin we will only be able to offer a different discounted rate to the Youth Pastors for their team orders only.


If you are the praying type, and we know you are, I’d especially encourage you to order a copy of HomeBase and do this study along with the team you are praying for and reading about on their blog ( 


My prayer is that the Youth Group and Church would be united in their attempt to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission together (whether they were on the mission trip or not).  


I can’t wait to see the way the Lord uses these publications in the lives of all who read; I am already looking forward to writing the 2010 editions of RoadGrip, HomeBase and Merge!




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