Music To My Ears

I have had a macbook pro for about 18 months now, this has been a blessing in many ways.  On a few of my early travel trips we would arrange to do a video ichat with the family by arranging for Elisabeth and the kids to go to my parents house.  They had a newer G-5 which also has the camera built in. 

Well, my wife recently was graciously gifted a new macbook and it has a built-in isight camera as well!  So, on my most recent trip we got to talk a couple times via the video ichat.

As the call went through, there was my family all staring back at me, and all of a sudden, Will was the first to speak up, “Da-Da” and with that he was frantically waving his hand as if to say “hello” (actually by the way he was waving it was HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!).

Though I hated being away from the family, video chatting sure has helped with the road-trip aspect of my job.

Gotta love technology!



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