Christmas in March!

On Christmas eve at the Aaby house (as in, my house growing up, not my current adult life), one could always count on “the squeak.”  Approximately three to five minutes after lights out, as the anticipation for the next morning grew, my brother, David, would let out a rather girlish (keep in mind he was only 4 or 5 when this started) squeak.  His level of excitement had risen so much that there was nothing he could do but squeak.

I think for at least 5-6 years the squeaks were real, but then for the next several years he claims he was only doing it for my benefit (hmmm, I’ll have to call his wife to see if he still doing it)?

march_madness_2008Yesterday began my squeaking for the Christmas in March I am about to experience.  Selection Sunday!  Every year, in the middle of March, the NCAA tournament brackets are announced for March Madness, the 65 team tournament for college basketball.  The Thursday and Friday after the brackets are announced are the two best days in any given sport hands down!  People schedule days of vacation just to be a couch potato.  Doctors report they are booked with men making “the appointment” for the Wednesday before March Madness begins just because they want to be sitting around for the next couple days.

Last night, after the tourney was announced, we had two other couples over to our house for the first ever Aaby Tournament Draft.  Every other year I have had an office staff to do a tournament draft with, well, this year my wife wanted to get in on the action and so we invited the Rocks and the Robinsons to jump in.  

This challenge is different than the average “fill in your brackets” (guess the winners all the way through).  In this style you pick a number (in our case 1-6) out of a hat.  This establishes our draft order.  Then the person who had #1 picks a team he/she thinks will get the  most wins (in our case it was Heather, and she picked North Carolina).  Then #2 picks, all the way down to #6.  Here’s where the twist happens.  We then go back the other way, #6 picks again, then #5, all the way down to #1.  So it is constantly going up then down the order.  Each round of the tournament we will count the number of wins a given participant had. 

I’m looking forward to a great tourney.  If you’re interested in knowing my teams (again, not necessarily the teams I think will win, just the ones that were around when a given round came to me):

Pitt, Gonzaga, Utah, Kansas, Utah St., Butler, BYU, VCU, Stephen F. Austin, Portland State and Binghampton.




3 thoughts on “Christmas in March!

  1. It’s actually Binghamton, not BinghamPton. You should know you’re own teams. And either way…you’re going down.

  2. Wes,
    You should know the difference between your and you’re.


    So everyone knows, Wes and I are friends and we do like to tease.

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