Percentage Charts

Aaaahhhhh!  Nothing like a solid night of sleep to help you feel better.  Though it was only seven hours, it was seven uninterrupted hours.  As I previously posted, I’ve been fighting something.  On Sunday morning, when I woke up with a 102º+ fever I thought I was going to need to make the phone call to cancel my upcoming speaking engagement. 

A couple months ago I was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Baptist Network Northwest Youth Pastor/Wife retreat.  This was a unique opportunity because they were essentially asking me to come and share about Youthmark Mission Ventures and my heart to see our students reach their peers in his/her own Jerusalem.  I was very much looking forward to this!  We made arrangements to have Elisabeth’s Mom come to town to take care of the girls so Elisabeth and Will would be able to be a part of the retreat as well.

So on Sunday after a trip to the doc and spending much of the day in bed, I decided to give it until Monday to see how I was doing before I would cancel.  On Sunday I was probably feeling about 30%.  By Monday, I was up to a 45%, so it was worth the risk of heading north to Birch Bay for the retreat.  The fever was still there, but has subsided to 100.5º to 101.5º throughout the day.

The retreat was really worth it.  It was so laid back and afforded me the opportunity to really rest while still being able to fully participate. Ten couples from the NW (WA/OR) joined together at a Time-Share resort community.  We did communal meals which led to sharing times. We enjoyed hearing the testimonies from each of the couples. 

On Tuesday (feeling about 60% and fever just about 100º), I was able to share about the YMV strategy.  I believe many of these churches will join us in the years to come.

By Wednesday I was feeling about 70% (and I believe my fever broke completely that morning).  

Today, as I sit in the Community Cup (new coffee shop off Military Road in SeaTac), I would say I am up to 90%, really just the nasty cough that lingers. I’m 100%  thankful for the opportunity I had with the BNN and am thankful for those of you who were praying me through these last few days!



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