Kauai Contacts, Continued

As I have already posted, my Kauai scout trip was quite amazing.  Though it was planned (by man) last minute, God pre-drafted the itinerary and had me in the right places at the right times.  Not only was I blessed by the Christian contacts (namely Angela, Jimmy & Fam and The ABC youth group/leaders); but I was also blessed with the pursuit of my other contacts.

In Kapaa, on Tuesday afternoon, after having lunch with Jimmy, I was left to myself.  Kapaa is a little bit of a larger town (complete with known fast food places).  I scouted the streets in search of wifi knowing I had a lot of other work to do (and some additional contacts to make).  The “Old School” coffee shop had closed for the afternoon but I happened upon a burrito bar, Shaka Tacos, which advertised free wifi (and espresso).  It was here I had my first witnessing opportunity.  My mission scout trip, became the mission.  I had a great conversation with the Barista, he was from Spokane.  We chatted for several minutes, the conversation changed when it got a little too close to Jesus (he all of a sudden needed to get some stuff done in the back).  Pray for his heart.


Historic Hawaiian Church

Historic Hawaiian Church

On Wednesday, I had received directions to the Christian School where I was going to meet one of the pastors.  I see God at work in mis-direction.  I either received faulty directions or made a wrong turn, but I ended up in Hanalei, Kauai.  This town was hippie-central and honestly, a place I want to see a team come this summer (PRAY the Lord supplies a team to place here).  I decided to make a go of it and see if I might make some contact on my own.   There didn’t seem to be an evangelical church presence in Hanalei (checking the internet, asking a few contacts, etc.).  I made my way to a central court area where the wifi was free.  The young lady who had just served me my cup-o-joe

more in Hanalei

more in Hanalei

was now on her lunch break.  She and another gal sat down at my table in this courtyard.  One was talking about having not hear President Obamas inauguration speech.  I quickly brought it up on YouTube, offered my headphones, and in a weird way my mac became the conduit for a spiritual conversation which was about to take place.  Another local came by with his lunch and within a few minutes our political conversation became spiritual.  An hour later, and lunch breaks ending, I can safely say these three saw a different side of Christianity than they had recently.  The “Christian Cults” they claimed were replaced by “Thanks for the great conversation.”  Please pray for Allysia, Jessie and Jim.  Each had his/her own perception of Religion and Jesus; I pray that one day they will have the right perception and a growing Relationship!  Jim studies the Word (along with every other religion) so pray the Spirit does His work and helps him to see the Truth, and then perhaps he’ll share more with the gals as well.



I did hit the Starbucks in Kapaa, where I met Kian and Jen.  Jen was the Barista and Kian runs a ministry called U-Turn for Christ (a ministry of Calvary Chapel).  Its a blessing to meet Christians in the local communities.  We had a few moments of encouraging conversation.

Thank you Lord for the incredible ministry opportunities.  I am thankful for the direction and misdirection.  The planned and the unplanned meetings.  May this summer be much the same for the team(s) serving in Kauai!  Amen!

On Sunday night I received a phone call from a Christian Pastor in Hanalei, he’s looking forward to talking to me!  Praise the Lord!


Caught a little time on the beach one afternoon and took in some other sites and sounds, here are some more pics. 


farming on Kauai

farming on Kauai


Glad I'm not in that!

Glad I'm not in that!



One thought on “Kauai Contacts, Continued

  1. Hope your next scout to Houston is great too. Glad that Hawaii was so profitable. Look forward to talking to you soon!

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