Rose Hill

I have another Youth Group Winter Retreat coming up soon.  I have enjoyed being able to speak for different groups over the last few months.  I welcome the opportunity to speak at these camps for several reasons:

  • Consistent time in the Scriptures preparing for different messages (especially with the varying themes) is always a plus!
  • Relating with youth from a variety of backgrounds (region, socioeconomics, race, etc.) keeps me up to speed with the youth culture and helps with all other avenues of Youthmark.
  • Getting away with adults who love teens.  Youth Leaders (especially the volunteers) are my heroes!  This group is under-appreciated and I look at these camps as an opportunity to celebrate them.  This is also helpful to get to hear their heart so I can speak to some of those areas in future Projects as well.
  • Some of the camps/retreats give me the opportunity to do some new and/or fun things:  Some camps have had bungee jumping, climbing/repelling, street luge, skiing (snow and water, but never at the same camp, ha), boating, and much more!  
  • Stealing ideas for future camps and retreats… technology, games, skits, and more; show me good stuff and I’ll take it (and sometimes give the credit to others! Ha.)
  • I am often invited to bring my family; we take advantage of this from time to time; I do look forward to camps in the future when I bring just one of my kids  as well.  That dedicated time with just Halle, Audrey or Will will be a lot of fun.  And, Lord willing, I look forward to sometime doing a camp with just me and Elisabeth again too (thanks to great Family loving on our kids).

So, pray for Rose Hill Presbyterian Church as we get to do a retreat together soon! 



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