Weekend Agenda

Ahhh, the weekend! Hope yours is filled with rest, fun, relaxation, accomplishments and more.  Here’s what’s happening for me/us:

  • Kentridge High Basketball Game (contact work for where I lead Young Life), the whole fam is going!
  • Out with some former BPPC students to Applebees for late-night appetizers
  • Visit Lake Retreat Camp to check out stage-set up for upcoming Spring Retreat (my brother is leading program for a church so my dad and I are heading out for a quick scout/visit)
  • Hang time with the family
  • Elisabeth going to a movie with Jen, Eric and I will hang out with my kids!
  • B-day party for a new friend of ours from Faith (our new church)
  • Church
  • Halle’s 7th B-Day (Sunday) and party with family!
  • 24 (Sunday night debut of season 7)

Have a great weekend!



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