Camp Speaking

I am in the midst of studying for an upcoming camp speaking opportunity.  Highlands Community Church of Renton has asked me to speak for the Sr. High Winter Camp.  This will take place at a retreat facility which sits about 1000 feet away from the ski lifts at Mt. Baker.  


The Mt. Baker Chalet in the summer

The Mt. Baker Chalet in the summer

The lodge is a 4 Story self contained retreat facility complete with a dining area which doubles as the speaking area, a couple of floors of dorm style cabin rooms and a game area.  Should be a lot of fun getting to know the 100 high school students and staff in this setting.



The theme of the camp is “Face To Face Friendships.”  This is a theme their youth pastor, Wes, came up with and when he asked me to speak and explained his hopes I instantly became excited and started praying for God to lead me to the right text.  Beyond the speaking theme, I love that  the students are bringing no ipods, cell phones, or electronic gaming devices–all the things which can prevent face-to-face friendships.  This will greatly enhance  the spiritual side of things and the direction I believe the Lord has taken me…

The Fire and View (where I'll speak)

The Fire and View (where I'll speak)



I have loved my study on 1 Thessalonians.  I love the way Paul loved this church and shared his love for them.  This letter is encouraging, bold, authentic and gets quickly to the point.  I think it has all the makings of “face to face.”  So, pray for this camp, the hearts of the students/staff who will be attending and for God to use the messages and cabin times to speak to the students about His desire for face time.




One thought on “Camp Speaking

  1. Good to see you today! I’ll be praying as you speak to the youth of one of my home churches and at one of my favorite places on earth (also previous place of employment) the Firs/Firs Chalet. Blessings, Nelson

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