Great Trip to SoCal

I just returned from a quick trip down south.  Some of the highlights:


Concentrated Work Time

Concentrated Work Time

Both Flights: The quiet time on the two hour flights affords me completely uninterrupted times to get work done (and the opportunity for pleasure reading at take-off and landing when, “portable electronic devices must be in the ‘off’ position”).


Monday coffee and Wednesday Lunch with an old friend from college; able to catch up, but also talk through some potential ministry projects.images-11

Monday Lunch with one of my old roommates from college… we have walked different paths, but it was excellent to get together and share our stories, I pray I have the opportunity to stay in touch with him.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: great times at the SoCal office making progress on a couple projects.

Tuesday: Project planning/dreaming at the office… I even got to do a “press check” at the printers. Plus I completed my outline for the camp I am speaking at in a couple weeks.

images2I enjoyed times with my in-laws each of these days; great meals together in the evenings (Outback one night and a great stew the second night by my Mom-In-Law).images-21

It is very nice to be back home with my family now as I push to get the Youth Leaders Notebook done and sent out.

For those in Western WA, enjoy the Snow!



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