Though the roads were slick, the temperatures cool and there was way too much on the proverbial plate, I took the time to be reunited with my old Lifeboat (small group) guys last night!  It was so great to see all the guys, only one of our regulars was not able to make it.

Last night was all about the silly things… food and White Elephants; it would be great if the guys could get together one more time over their break so we can have a real “Lifeboat” time (Bible Study, Prayer, Sharing etc.).  We started at Azteca and made our way back to Micah’s house for not one, but two rounds, of White Elephant gifts.  I walked away with a Calendar and a DVD.  Couldn’t be happier, both gifts are actually re-giftable as real gifts (yes, I believe in the occasional re-gift). 

Because I had to get up at 0-dark-thirty, I bailed as close to 9:00 PM as possible to brave the frozen roads.  I, for one, can say that the reunion was sweet, lots of fun, great food and a real passion to see the guys continue to grow in the Lord!



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