Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

Today is Elisabeth’s birthday!  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful wife!  Pretty close to 15 years ago I started to develop a friendship with this lovely lady.  Several months later I started to pursue her for more than a friendship.  A year after that we were engaged and for the last 12 and half years I have had the honor of calling her my wife!  

dsc01717She is hilarious, fun and cracks me up every day!

She’s grown in beauty (inside and out) every day I have known her.

She’s spurred me on toward love and good deeds.

She has proven to be the best Mommy I could ever imagine.

She tolerates my bad habits, seeks to help me improve in areas of weakness, encourages me to excel all the more in areas of strength and does these EXACT things with our children!  I love her with every bit of my being!

dsc01856_2I love you Elisabeth and hope your birthday is very happy and blessed!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment about what you think is so cool about my wonderful wife–or a simple “happy birthday,” I’ll pass them on!



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

  1. Hey! Elisabeth is a mentor, a person listens for God’s leading in how to invest her time and energy. She’s funny and insightful!

  2. I’d have to agree… she looks beautiful in these pics! Would love to see her more. I am a fan of your wife! I LOVED hanging out with her when she was down here in Cali.

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