YMV Report #1: “Lead Team”

For those who have not done the most recent “Aab-Libs” (previous post) you may want to stop reading this right now and participate in that first…

We are now three days removed from the Youth Leader/Spouse Retreat and Training for the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  I look back at this as my second “major” event of Youthmark (360ºParenting last year was the first).  I am very pleased with the event.  

Over the last few months I developed a Lead Team who will help me serve through the entire process, beginning with the retreat and ending with the last debriefing of the mission trip, these men will be a huge support and resource.  I have developed friendships with these guys over the last few years and felt the blend of giftedness and diversity of age/experience as well as excellent character would meld well as I prayed God’s wisdom in my pursuit.  I believe He got it Right On!

We arrived one day early (on Sunday) and spent 24 hours together.  This time together was very valuable.  I believe this team is of one heart!  It was so nice to have that “team” feel again.

Acts 2:42-47 is a passage I come back to often.  In this passage we see four key elements the early believers were committed to in the formation of the early church.  The Apostle’s Teaching (the Word), Prayer, Fellowship and the Breaking of Bread (common meal and communion).  

Our 24 hour pre-retreat was filled with these four elements.  It was so fun to share dedicated times in the Word, challenging one another.  I loved our times of prayer (and we spent a good time in prayer!).  The fellowship times walking in Seattle, hanging out in my room (I was upgraded to a suite!  Very cool!).  We enjoyed a lot of good food together with our families (Gordon Beirsch, The Edgewater and Johnny Rocket’s). So, though we aren’t the church, we are an extension of the church, I felt this group really bonded and united our hearts for the common purpose of seeing the church encouraged!

The Youthmark Mission Venture Lead Team 2009:


Nathan (and fiancee Megan)

Nathan (with his fiancee Megan)







Aaron (sketch artist rendering)

Aaron (sketch artist rendering)


and Me!

and Me!

I’m thankful for this group!  I was thankful to get to know them more, see them serve other youth leaders and share great memories. 

Stay tuned, report #2 coming…



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