Sleep Anyone?

My parents have pictures of my childhood that can be used against me; therefore I try not to make them too mad.  The bathtub pics, the caught you doing something wrong pics and various other not so flattering shots. They, of course, haven’t used them too often.  Besides the above, they have numerous pictures of me sleeping anywhere, including on the stairs.

Well, apparently this is a character trait that can be passed on from generation to generation.  Audrey is our “sleep anywhere gal.” We’ve found her on the floor in about every room in our house, on a beach towel at the lake and even in our (empty) master bathroom tub.  Elisabeth recently snapped a shot of her sleeping–on a counter.  She was drawing away, content as can be and apparently thought this was the place to take a nap.  Classic.

Hmm, a nap sounds mighty nice right now, let me go get my crayons and pens to prepare!



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