YMV Teammates!

One of the things I’m most looking forward to about the Youthmark Mission Venture strategy is the sense of Team!  I’m not recruiting “clients” (Youth Leaders and Youth Groups joining the trips), I really am inviting, “teammates!” In this team mindset, I look forward to seeing the gifts and talents of each person bring Glory to His name.  The Youth Pastor/Spouse Retreat, two spring retreats and the Launch/Debrief weekends of the YMV’s will have a “team leadership” approach.

I’m excited to see what sort of Gifts the Lord brings to the table.  One person (and set of gifts) I know of already is Joe Monto.  A friend of mine and a Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel South.  I can’t wait to see Joe inviting students to the foot of the cross through worship/song!  Here’s an original he wrote that I hope he will teach us!

Can’t wait to see the other gifts and talents He brings through each one of the staff and students joining us this year!



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