The Metaphorical Bike Ride

Growing up right next to the elementary school had its advantages and disadvantages.  I never got to ride the school bus (for some reason this felt like a disadvantage?), but I did get home in time to catch Tom and Jerry and other afternoon cartoons when they began at 3:00!  If I forgot something I could always run home and get it; but if a friend forgot something (like lunch) I, unfortunately was expected to run home and get one for them. My favorite advantage was being the first to see the “class list” the secretary would put up three to four days before school began!  

Two or three times per day my friends and I would check the front of the school to see if it was posted yet.  We would start the routine about five days before, just in case they put it up early. With each trip, the anticipation grew!  On average we would take four or five trips down before the list was posted, and probably another four trips down just to check it out again!

This week feels a little bit like yesteryear with my family and with Youthmark.  On Thursday, Audrey begins her four year-old preschool class.  She is very excited!  Next Monday, Elisabeth begins teaching Halle at Forest Trails Learning Center (or Aaby Family Academy?).  And on Wednesday, I will begin sharing with other youth pastors about a great opportunity to be part of Youthmark Mission Ventures!  This is the major project I have been working on for months.  I should be able to post more about it on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I am getting the final things worked out before it is released.  

Though I’m not on a bike, though I don’t live right next to the school; I do want to know who else is in my class?  Each of these youth leaders who will commit to being a part of YMV for 2009 will feel very much like a classmate.  One of the major elements of this program will be the networking and camaraderie among the youth leaders. I can’t wait for class to begin!

The anticipation is great and just like each year in elementary, the classmates all played a part in shaping how the year played out.  Would you please pray for me/us as we begin this journey?  I will share more about Youthmark Mission Ventures in the next few days, but your prayer base will help a lot!  Jump on the metaphorical bike with me, join me on the journey to see if the class list is up yet!




2 thoughts on “The Metaphorical Bike Ride

  1. Are you looking for leads at all for youth groups or youthleaders or whatever? My cousin is a pastor up North in Sedro Woolley. If you are I can give you the
    information. He would possibly have other leads as well. He’s been around a little.
    Just took the led pastor postion back at this church about a year or two ago. Let us know what your needs are. Got your class list already figured out? Or are you
    needing names to start filling it in?

  2. Great question Jan. No, I am looking for youth groups who want to join a YMV! I want to meet with any/all youth workers interested in youth missions. Certainly shoot me an email with your cousins info! Thanks!

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