Balancing Act

One of my favorite park activities growing up was the teeter totter… I had friends that were bigger than me, and could keep me in the “up” position because of their weight.  And I had a brother who was smaller than me who I could cause to crash by jumping off (yes, I could be can be a punk at times).  The art of the teeter-totter is when you found the person who weighed the same and you could maintain that perfect balance.

It’s been awhile since I have written specifically about Youthmark.  I want to keep my blog balanced between family, spirituality, Youthmark and perhaps a little humor from time to time.  To be honest, I think my family, my faith and Youthmark will actually provide most of the humor! 

This last week was a mix of joy and struggle.  There were times I felt balanced, times I know I let the totter crash and other times I felt I was being lifted high (supported, yet vulnerable).  I was under the self-imposed gun of getting the things done for Youthmark that needed to get done before my Lifeboat trip; yet my week was also consumed with getting ready to preach at Boulevard Park (which was a lot of fun to do this morning, great to see so many loving faces).  I am beginning to understand that balance of the time it will take for certain aspects of my job.  However, I have little-clue right now what it is going to take to keep the balance of perspective and control.

I want to be a person who is seeking help where help is needed; but I also don’t want to be ruled by the help or opinion of others.  Balance is needed.

I am working on an informational brochure, so-to-speak, for the mission side of Youthmark.  To begin I have been writing copy (the written material) for the piece.  On top of that I am gathering ideas for the icons, logos, pictures, etc. As the project comes to the point where it is time to put ideas to action (as in produce the brochure) I find myself in need of help in some areas, but wanting/needing to keep things the way I originally intended as well.  How much control am I willing to yield?

I am young in the business side of things.  I am not skilled in many areas of the “industry” but I also want things done a certain way–with my heart, my passion and my vision.  The contrast is between being confident/driven and arrogant/domineering.  I want the first, and I abhor the second.  I want to be a learner who applies not a self-driven stubborn man who thinks he can do it on his own.

I am thankful for those the Lord has provided me as “help.”  Your influence, your expertise and your experience is invaluable to me.  I can’t wait to have your marks on these Youthmark projects.

However, I am also driven by my vision for things being done a certain way.  I pray I may find the balance. May I be a person who listens to critique, advice and encouragement.  And may I be a person who can apply those if applicable or graciously not apply those same critiques or advice if it stands in contrast to what my intention for any particular project is calling me to do.  I had much smarter/experienced people helping me this week–yet some of their advice/opinions clashed with each other or my ideas.  Fortunately for me, these friends are all humble people who love and support the Aabys and Youthmark.  I thank God for their help and encouragement; I am learning much from them.

Ahh, balance.  May I find that sweet spot in the middle.  May I trust all those that are on the other end of the totter.  May they trust me as well.  

I have to remember, as a child I liked the teeter totter.  Perhaps I can learn to like this adult teeter totter as well?



One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. God’s blessing on you as you try to find just the right balancing act. And as far as teeter totters go. Have you ever wondered how the first teeter totter was invented and why? Cause I do wonder stuff like that. Because there must be more to the balancing act than meets the eye. Things that we don’t really see or get.
    That I guess is the bottome line. Do I or do I not trust Him. If I trust Him, I can begin to trust those He puts across my path.
    It’s hard living where we as Christians do not really belong. We belong in heaven, hard to imagine isn’t it? We do and some day the final piece will fit into the puzzle and we will be whole. Have a great trip with the guys this week!

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