Odd Combinations

Every now and then I’ll be standing in line at Starbucks and I’ll hear an order shouted out which just doesn’t seem right… like the “10 pump Vanilla, three sugar, breve latte” (hmm, you think that guy likes it sweet?).  Or a Soy Chai Latte with three pumps chocolate?  Tea with chocolate?  Seriously?  

So, it got me thinking, what odd combinations do I like?  What food combinations do I put together which could make people want to think twice about my sanity and/or taste buds?  I’ve listed a few of mine, you have any?

1. I love mustard on my fries (regular yellow mustard, prefer Heinz).

2. Another mustard one, only this time spicey brown mustard on nacho cheese doritos (even better on spicier nacho cheese doritos).

3. As a cool “diet” item, I love blueberry (or another cool fruit) yogurt spread on blueberry corncakes (rice cakes will suffice if corn isn’t available).

4. Just discovered this one last night; Tapatio Hot Sauce on Papa Murphy’s Pepperoni Pizza (props to John Scott for introducing this one to me).

5. This one is another specific brand… I like Baked Cheetos dipped in Quiznos Honey Mustard sauce (I can do Nacho Cheese Doritos with it too, but prefer the baked Cheetos).

Honorable mention (though I had no idea anyone would think it was odd until Elisabeth informed me): French onion dip with pretzels.

Okay, which ones are gross to you and/or what are your odd combinations?

Hope for some good participation so that I can try some good stuff (just stay away from seafood, it doesn’t go well with ANYTHING!!!)… ha, feel free to list anything!




7 thoughts on “Odd Combinations

  1. I’m trying to think of an odd one for me, but Sarah loves dipping Nacho Cheese Doritos in Cottage Cheese. That’s one of the strangest I’ve heard!


  2. Pippikelroofishlongstokingloubeckwith and I
    used to eat potato chips dipped in mayonnaise. We ate that shortly after hearing the Way Inn Ministry was closing it’s doors. We were on a bus caravan. It’s a good comfort food I guess. Maybe I’ll go get some chips. I already have some mayo.

  3. I’ll add to the peanut butter combo. My strange indulgence is a scoop of peanut butter with chocolate chips on top, sprinkled with salt with a glass of milk on the side. It’s a great combination of crunchy, salty, and sweet…and is a great way to end the day.

  4. How about peanut butter and ricotta cheese? I mix the cheese with liquid stevia (herbal sweetener) and a teaspoon of vanilla. Fold in PB. It’s my nightly low-carb dessert.

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