Prayer Update

It’s been about a week since my trip to LA.  I came back from the trip very focused on what needed to get done in a three week period.  I quickly realized, three weeks was actually about two weeks because of my lifeboat (small group) trip in early August.  It has gone well, though distractions come up and I need that kick in the backside every now and then to remain focused (hoping your prayers will aid in that kick).

Since many of my readers have committed to be prayer partners for me/us/youthmark I think it would be good to post a prayer update from time to time.  I’ll try to do this often (perhaps once a week).  So here is the current prayer list:

  • Writing project is right on schedule, pray I continue to work diligently on this project.
  • Missions project is a little behind; pray for a good dedicated time of concentration so I can get ahead. This means setting aside about 3-4 hours to work only on this to feel I have a good grasp on progress.
  • Biking, I did really well the first few days, need to get back on the bike today to avoid it becoming a streak of days not riding.
  • We had a list of four churches in our area we had on our initial church-search list.  We have seen all four now, and over the next month we will re-visit a couple.  I am also privileged to be preaching at Boulevard Park next week (Aug. 3) and I will be out of town for one Sunday (visiting a PHX trip with my lifeboat guys).  Pray for the right fit for us, where we can be fed and feed.
  • Family life is going well.  Really enjoying consistently being home in the evening with the family!  Pray for our wisdom in parenting.
  • Several outside prayer requests others have let me know about, lift up these specific situations for my friends:  Two friends contemplating job changes.  A friend who has a loved one with cancer.  A friend who just transitioned to a new job.  Many friends leaving on a youth group trip this Sunday.  A wedding I am doing this weekend and the foundation of their new life together.  
Thanks for your prayers for me, my family and our new ministry!

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