Trip Report

I am posting from the Promenade Starbucks (very close to LAX) as I prepare to fly home from a wonderful two days of meetings down in SoCal.  Two weeks ago, as I began this venture full time, I knew some of the things I wanted to get started on.  These last two days were affirming and inspiring. I am very excited about the first two projects I will be working on (more so than before).

The first is the mission component.  Over the next three weeks I will have a far more intensive plan and even some of the beginning promotional materials developed.  Please pray specifically for the details to come together (many contacts to make, arrangements to be made and the financial commitments to be worked out).

The second is the completion and expansion of my original Youthmark Product.  It is a series of Guided Studies on the Life of Christ.  The expansion is exciting but will mean that at least half of my time over the next three weeks (have to meet a deadline) will be dedicated to this project. 

I really would appreciate your prayers for both of these projects and as the release dates and promotional materials are developed I can speak more specifically about each of these.  

Off to In-N-Out for the obligatory and much appreciated Double Double (weight watchers to begin again AFTER the trip!!!!).



One thought on “Trip Report

  1. I hope that your next 3 weeks goes really well…it sounds like it will be tremendously busy. I’m looking forward to hearing more soon!

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