Anytown, USA

As I sit in our hotel room in Albany, NY, I miss the blast from the past of yesterday.  Yesterday, it seems, we traveled back to 1948, Anytown, USA.  It was actually Cooperstown, NY.  What a great scene.  The place celebrating America’s Pastime looked more like a place I’d take a Rural Mission trip than the place hosting the Hall of Fame of Baseball.



One of the streets in Cooperstown

One of the streets in Cooperstown

After an almost 5 hour bus trip we enjoyed scenes like the one above. It was truly gorgeous.  We grabbed lunch at Doubleday Diner first, then entered the Hall of Fame.


The Hall was great.  For my Dad it was reliving so many years of history.  For me and David it was reliving some of ours as well, but a lot of learning about the history as well.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to bring my own family here someday.  The beauty of the town itself is worth it.


The M\'s \


We sort of separated at the Hall for quite some time.  After I had had enough for one visit I went walking through the town and encountered some great scenes and a good break from the crowds (the whole trip we’ve been surrounded by each other and thousands of fans at each game, and in each city); this was a great little break.

I’ve very much enjoyed the trip, I enjoyed the one day break from games (though the town hosts “Doubleday Field” and I did catch a few innings of a couple youth and young adult games yesterday). Looking forward seeing Boston and Fenway Park.  Certainly the stadium we all have looked forward to the most!  Can’t wait! 

Hope you’re enjoying the trip vicariously through us!  



2 thoughts on “Anytown, USA

  1. Great pictures, and thanks for sharing the trip. Praying for you, your dad, your brother and your families today.

  2. Great stuff Brian! Much envy from my part as I sit in my office in Bakersfield. The air quality outside is so bad that people are recommneded to stay inside today as much as possible. Enjoy the Sox vs. Twins today, that should be awesome. Great pitching matchup too…Dice K vs. Scott Baker (who is kind of a nobody but having a good season). Who would would have thought that the twins would have won like 17 of 19 and be a game out of first after trading Santana? To bad you couldn’t catch the Tampa Bay Rays on your trip, the best record in baseball, are you kidding me?

    Well, i guess this is your blog, not a place for me to comment extensively on the 2008 MLB season. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

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