As I posted a couple days back, the ReLAUNCH event was a blast.  I got the pictures uploaded and I’ve posted them below.  If you haven’t seen the slide-show video it is posted a couple posts back (scroll down) or click here.

When all was said and done, we had about 175 people who up.  Great times of worship and story telling.  One student commented on my Facebook:

That night was amazing. Thank you so much for putting it on! It definitely helped me prepare for this mission field ahead of me.

Another said to me:

This got me so pumped to go back to school and share with my non-Christian friends.

And yet one other:

I went home and looked at all my non-Christian friends I have just on Facebook, I am going to be so much more intentional with them and build relationships with them so I can share Christ with them.

Thanks to all who came!



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