Great Beginning

Just a quick entry, we’re off to the Diamond Backs baseball game (afternoon game).

Great beginning of our time together last night.  It rained harder than I have ever seen it rain here in AZ as I was picking up the second group last night.  The “baggage” was delayed 45 minutes just because of the lightning strikes around the airport.  

The guys were quite surprised by the house.

I’ll get to my posts about the “guys” later today.  And yes, Naked Steve and his story is on tap today!




2 thoughts on “Great Beginning

  1. Have a really valuable, awesome time – I know you will – I will be praying for you guys. Brian – I miss you!

  2. I LOVE lightening! I’m sorry it delays things some of the time and causes fires and stuff sometimes. Because I LOVE lightening storms! Actually I love who it is behind them. His power is awesome to watch and behold. Enjoy your trip!

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